We’ve taken to calling him things like Mr. Wonderful. Heaven Sent. Mommy’s Little Angel. Smiley. Mr. Giggles. He’s such a happy guy, most of the time so content to just hang out and explore some toys from his little perch on the floor. (That, and his disposition right now is in stark contrast to big brother’s at the moment. But we won’t get into that.)

Sam, 8 months:

-Has two teeth. The first one popped out on Thanksgiving, the second followed about 2 weeks later.

-Is still nursing, and still refusing bottles. I’ve pretty much given up at this point. Drinks from a sippy cup if someone holds it for him.

-Plays with puffs and a few other soft table foods on his high chair tray. Still hasn’t figured out how to get the food into his mouth though.

-Is very, very ticklish. Face, neck, chest, legs, feet, tummy…you name it, if you tickle it, he’ll burst out in laughter.

-Loves to be sung to and danced with. Especially loves watching Ryan dance and perform his brotherly antics.

-No crawling yet, but getting closer. Leans forward from a sitting position and ends up on his belly. Then he gets mad and grunts. Rolls over a lot from back to front. Then he gets mad and grunts. (Sammy, mommy’s so glad you’re not mobile this Christmas season!)

-Much prefers playing with Ryan’s toys than his own baby toys. Loves to play with stuff in a container and dump everything out. Loves destroying newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper…

-Loves taking baths. Loves his paci when he’s going to sleep. Loves the silky edges of blankies.

-Gets really, REALLY excited when someone else is holding him and mommy walks into the room. He busts out in huge grins and happy grunts and starts waving his arms and kicking his legs around. If I come near, he lunges right for me. Aaaaa, so nice to be loved.

-This month Sam experienced some ‘firsts.’ First Thanksgiving, spent in Duluth with grandparents B, Uncle Tom, Aunt Kim, and cousins Max and Vivi. First trip to the tree farm for our Christmas tree, which also included his first sit on Santa’s lap.

We sure do love you Sammy!! You light up our lives with your happy cheerfulness and your bright smiles and laughs!