I wasn’t prepared for the deluge of Santa questions my little 3.5 year old would be asking this year. I’ve kind of been scrambling for answers, and thinking that FatJ and I better get on the same page with our Santa Info. This year we’ll be staying home for Christmas, and I’m excited that Ry will get to wake up in his own house and find Santa stuff under the tree. And Santa will get to use an actual chimney and fireplace as he makes his grand entrance, which is an exciting development even for ME, because I always questioned as a kid how exactly Santa would enter a house without a fireplace. Anyway, Ryan’s been asking a lot about Santa and the gift-giving/receiving traditions that go along with Christmas. Initially he insisted that ONLY Santa gave gifts. I tried telling him that friends and family can give each other presents on Christmas too, but he got quite upset and inSISted that only Santa gives presents. We’ve talked about this a lot recently though, so I think now he gets that our family will be giving others gifts, and that he’ll get presents from other people too.

I’d love to hear what other people do for their kids (or what you experienced when you were a kid) as far as Santa traditions go.

1. Does Santa bring presents for only the kids, or for the grownups too? We were thinking Santa in our house would just be a kid thing, but maybe he’d fill the stockings for the whole family?

2. When do you open your ‘family’ gifts? I was wondering if we should get the “family” gifts opened Christmas eve, so that the Santa gifts are an obvious ‘new addition’ when everyone wakes up in the morning. Or do we open everything all at once- family gifts and Santa gifts?

3. Does Santa bring each kid/person one ‘big’ gift, or multiple gifts? Ryan is expecting that Santa will be bringing him one thing, and ONE thing only. And yay, I’m totally fine with that. I think we’ll do the one Santa gift and then maybe a few little stocking things.

4. How do you hide gifts that you buy from your kids? Obviously I can’t have Ryan along if I’m buying a gift for him. And he’s a burrowy, scavengy type of kid. He crawls into nooks and crannies and under beds all around our house, so I feel like he’s going to come across stuff. He’s also OBSESSED with getting the mail and getting packages and opening them immediately. If I order online, I can only imagine the fits, fits, fits that will ensue when a box gets delivered and I tell him we can’t open it. Ah, these great life lessons.

5. Buying gifts for other kids… I’m not sure what my question is here. But I currently have in my possession two car transporters that we will be gifting two other children in our lives. ((I also happen to know that Ry is getting this same car transporter from someone else as a gift.)) I want him to know what we’re giving other people, but again I also can envision the fits that will ensue as we’re wrapping up two car transporters and he doesn’t get to play with them. Obvs I know this is a lesson the child needs to learn. Just wondering how to keep the fits of rage on the tame side versus the insane side.

Anything else you want to add about your holiday traditions? Any great tips for taming the holiday meltdowns?


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