Wanted to actually get this posted before Christmas has come and gone. Some photos of our 2010 tree hunt and tree decorating.

We were out at the tree farm. I was holding a baby, pulling a sled with a kid in it, and traipsing through snow, while trying to snap pictures. My camera was bumping all around and the white balance button was reset to “florescent” on accident, so I have a bunch of really funky blue snow photos. Weird colors and all, I actually really love this one. So much awe, over a saw!

waiting for daddy to come back with the car…

It was so beautiful at the tree farm the day we went. (And this was the weekend BEFORE the Big Blizzard.)

Ry was way, WAY into the decorating.

Sam hung out and watched.

The bottom of the tree definitely received the brunt of the ornamentation.