These little people change so quickly. I just got done reading Sam’s 8 month update post, and lots has changed during this past month. And I remember when I wrote this 9 month post about Ryan. I couldn’t get over the feeling that the days of having a little baby were long gone. I feel much the same this time around.

At 9 months, Sam…

  • Still is not crawling, and is very angry about it. Rolls onto his stomach all the time, or gets there from a sit. And then gets super mad when he can’t move. He’s great at pivoting, and great at moving backwards on hardwood floors, but the crawling just isn’t there.
  • He does, however, always want to stand up. He’s pulled himself up once or twice, and would really prefer to be standing at all times.
  • Finally figured out how to put food in his mouth this month! He’s been gobbling up table foods the past couple weeks- puffs, cheerios, mixed veggies, black beans, cheese, toast bits. Still likes the purees though too, and is perfectly content being spoon-fed.
  • Nurses 4 times a day. No bottles. Likes sippy cups.
  • Is still very smiley, laughy, happy, and giggly. Bursts out in smiles and chuckles whenever anyone looks his way.
  • But, is not as content as he was a month ago to just sit on the floor with a pile of toys. Lets you know when he’s bored a needs a change of scenery by whining or grunting or crying. Was definitely more whiny/needy this month than he has been in the recent past.
  • Likes to head-butt.
  • Sleeps all the way through the night sometimes; sometimes wakes once to eat. Sometimes will awaken and go right back to sleep if you give his paci back (pacis end up out of the crib all the time). He came down with a cold this month and spent two nights up screaming and fussing.
  • Says dadadada.
  • Says MMmmmmmm when eating.
  • Loves to destroy newspapers and magazines. Loves to play with anything that isn’t a toy (basting brush, toothbrush holder, socks, etc.)
  • LOVES to be naked. One of my favorite times of day with him is when he’s getting changed into jammies and the dude goes crazy when you get him undressed. He thumps his chest and his whole body convulses with joy.
  • Goes by various nicknames, which are ever-evolving in our house, of course: Samsy, Samster, Whamster, Sam-Man, SamSam, Sammy, SamuelBop, Samson, Sam Bob.
  • Loves his big brother. Loves daddy, too (we’re trying to turn this one into a daddy’s boy- haha)

He’s a happy little guy who lights up my life! It’s kinda sad to think that in three short months we’ll be celebrating a first birthday (but also, it’s great to think that in three short months it’ll be April!)

Some shots from the past month or so…