Tuesday night we took Ry out for his maiden ice skating voyage. FatJ is slightly, ahem, self conscious about his physical abilities while wearing foreign objects of any type on his feet, so I donned my skates with Ry while FatJ monitored Sam and assisted with the push-bar thing.

The ice was crap and covered with snow, but perhaps that was a good thing for Ry’s first attempt. He loved it!! He really got going after a few minutes with the push-bar, and kept shouting “look at me! I’m doing it!! Can you make a figure 8 now mama?”(I could not.) It felt really weird to be on skates, but it’s like riding a bike- you never really forget how to skate. I think the last time I skated was…sometime in college maybe?

Ryan laughed every time he fell down.

Sam was a good sport too. He got a little chilly though.

We might attempt a second skate this weekend if it isn’t too cold.