My ex-co-blogging partner (no, there wasn’t any drama! We’re not like that.) posted about what she’s currently reading.

I thought I’d do the same here.

This list of titles should clearly explain why I feel too busy/tired/unmotivated to be a meaningful participant in a dining out/cooking/foodie blog.

Let’s briefly peruse the nightstand…

Book 1. {Yay! A novel! My absolute favorite kind of book to read.} The Book Thief. This was our latest book club read, and I loved the book. It’s another WWII/Holocaust novel, but written from an interesting perspective and featuring a very unique narrator. OH!! And it almost always takes me the entire month to finish a novel. This one I finished in a couple weeks, so you know it was a good book.

Book 2. The Pocket Parent Coach. I saw the author of this book speak about keeping your kids calm during the holidays, and then I borrowed her book from a friend. This book’s cover is a tad odd- the author’s face is emerging from a denim pocket- but does contain some solid techniques for dealing with kid malfunctions.

Book 3. Raising Your Spirited Child. This is the second time I’ve checked this book out of the library. The first time I perused a few sections that I felt pertained to the issues at hand at the time; this time I have yet to crack it open. I think I should just bite the bullet and buy this one.

Book 4. Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child. The ECFE parent educator from last year spoke highly of this book, and used it frequently during our parent topic time. I’ve quickly skimmed the first part of the book, and from what I can tell it looks like a good one. This book is from the library and I’ve already renewed it three times, but have yet to read it.

Book 5. Looking for the Summer. Okay, this book technically is not on my nightstand. This is a coffee table book of beautiful photography taken by Minnesota wildlife photographer Jim Brandenburg. Ryan picked it up the other day and we had some cozy snuggle time while looking through this book. Ry really enjoyed the photos, and it was fun hearing what he had to say about the different images.

Book 6. (Not pictured. Just ordered off Amazon.) Little Bee. This is February’s book club selection.

Okay so! I love to read, I really really do. I love to get lost in stories. Sadly, I don’t have devote enough time to reading for pleasure. Really the only time I set aside to read is right before I go to bed at night, and usually I’m so exhausted I can hardly keep my eyes open. And the last things I want to read are those dumb parenting books. What a snooze!

Has anyone read anything really great lately that you’d like to recommend?