How have we reached double digits with this baby? How? I see his baby-ness slipping away day by day, and it makes me a little sentimental. Sammy wants to be a big boy, and I want to keep him a baby boy. I have a feeling that he’s going to win this one.

At the ripe old age of 10 months, as of February 6th 2011, Sam…

-Is now mobile!! He finally mastered the army crawl about 2.5 weeks ago. And then about four days later, up he popped with his whole body off the floor and away he crawled. We’ve all been enjoying watching him crawl around. He grunts and shouts as he makes his way over to something he wants. Ryan laughs aloud watching Sam as he books it from the living room to the kitchen to find me. Sam’s been a lot happier now that he’s able to move around. And I’m happy that he’s not nearly as adventurous as his big brother was at this age. While Sam crawls around, he hasn’t ventured too far (yet.) I know it’s coming, but for now, I’ll enjoy the novel cuteness that is Crawling Sam.

-Still has only the two little bottom rabbit teeth. But the top two are on their way in. They’ve been bothering him and are swollen and I see little white slits about to emerge.

-Is over baby toys. Way over. He plays with all of Ryan’s toys, and can dump over bins and destroy the living room in about 60 seconds flat. Some of this favorite things to chew on are a set of keys, a neon green rubber band bracelet thing, and a bead necklace from last St. Patrick’s Day. He also loves Ryan’s keyboard, and taking books off Ry’s bookshelf- especially a book about planets.

-Loves music. He adores watching others sing and dance along to music, loves to dance in someone’s arms, and shakes his body and hands to the beat when music is on. We’ve been taking Ryan to music class alone for some one-on-one time on Saturday mornings, but I think we need to start having Sam join us because he seems to really love music!

-Continues to expand his eating repertoire. He’s eating mostly table foods now, and loves fruit. His absolute favorites are grapes and kiwi. He’s the messiest eater I’ve ever seen (although that could be because we had a dog when Ryan was at this stage of eating), and REFUSES to leave a bib on. He rips off his bib mid-chew, shakes it out over the side of the high chair, and then throws it on the floor. All while looking at me and smiling.

-Loves baths. He loves to sit right by the faucet as the water is coming out. He’s also obsessed with sucking on the washcloth.

-Sleeps. At night. For a number of hours that I will not put down in writing because we all know about the blog jinx. The word ‘glorious’ comes to mind.

-Waves bye-bye.

-Says dada and something that sounds sort of like bye-bye. One of the cutest things ever is in the morning when daddy’s leaving for work and Sammy says “bye bye dada” and waves.

-Loves his pacifier, especially when he’s cranky or not feeling well from teething or a cold.

-Has a charming disposition. He’s a happy smiley baby boy. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, one might even describe him as cherubic with his round head and chubby thighs.

Love you so much, my sweet Sammy boy!

Some other pics from this month…