Took his first header into the corner of our coffee table. It resulted in a cut right above his eye, which bled a bit but thankfully was not gushing blood. I wondered if we needed to head to the ER in the blizzard, but instead ran the dude over to our neighbor who happens to be a medical professional. He thought no on the stitches, and I agreed. I’m guessing he’ll definitely have a scar. Poor baby.

Sam’s top two teeth grew in over the past week, bringing that to a grand total of four teeth.

Thanks to some Sam/Ryan playtime in the crib, Sam has now learned how to stand up in his crib. But has not yet learned how to sit back down. Naptimes have been interesting and drawn out since I have to keep running in there to lay him back down.

Sam’s getting more adventurous with the crawling (but is nowhere near as adventurous as Ryan was at this age.) Sam will explore a couple rooms here and there on his own. He’s started to notice that the doors swing back and forth, and that there are fun things in cupboards if one is open. Ry at this age was already opening all cupboards and drawers, emptying everything out, completely clearing coffee tables and bookshelves of all their contents, was swinging/slamming doors, unrolling toilet paper, and generally getting into a lot of mischief. It pleases me that Sam is a bit more chill.

He’s into pulling himself up on a few select things, but has not started cruising around, nor is making any attempts at walking.

Sam’s truly the messiest eater on the planet. He won’t leave a bib on to save his life, so by the time he’s done eating his shirt is covered in food, half his meal is in his lap or in the highchair, or crusted into the floor underneath the high chair.

He’s also getting feisty with his brother and starting to fight back a little when Ry pisses him off (which is frequent). If brother rips something out of Sam’s hands, Sam lunges towards Ry and tries to bite or head-butt him.

{{Mommy’s daily ponderings: how am I going to survive two sons??}}

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