{More than one wise parent has told me that the age of 3 can manifest itself in an entire year of terrible horribleness. We are quickly approaching the age of 4 around here, and age-of-3 isms just continue to get worse and worse. Does some switch instantly flip on the 4th birthday? Because I currently feel like I live in a vortex of hell, and I need something to look forward to.}

Loves shoveling snow. But during the warm-up last week had his bike out three days in a row and declared “it’s summer now, isn’t it mommy?!”

Told me the other day that “cheese just wants to go right into my mouth!”

Sang about 6 lines of “Ring of Fire” today, after having heard that song a total of two times in his life.

Is OBSESSED with Wonder Pets. Obsessed. It’s a good thing that show has grown on me- I used to hate it. Every evening at 5:00pm we have to turn it on. He knows what time it’s on, and starts asking at about 10:00am if it’s time yet for Wonder Pets. He gets really annoyed if you turn it on too early, and the second it’s over he insists upon turning it off. If there is ambient noise in the room while he’s watching, he gets quite agitated and will need to pause the show until the noise has passed. Have I mentioned he refuses to watch ANY OTHER SHOW that is not Wonder Pets? Yeah.

He’s also developed some type of odd fear of DVDs. Yes, I’m serious. I’ve traced the fear to something that happened once when he turned off the TV after watching a DVD. The TV was off but the DVD was still playing, so he could still hear it but not see it or some such thing, and ever since then has not wanted anything to do with anything on DVD. He’s a weirdo. Oh, and I’m supposed to tell Grandpa Jer that “we do not want any more DVDs!”

Is really excited about a playdate he’s having over here on Friday with a girl from his preschool class. I didn’t quite realize he and this girl were such close friends, and then there he goes and initiates a playdate with her. He’s counting down the days…

Has slowly (over the past couple months) gone from being an historically great sleeper to being a night-screamer. Heaven forbid he’d just wake up in the night and calmly go to the bathroom like he used to do. Now he awakens around 4:00am, screams at the top of his lungs that he has wet the bed/needs to use the bathroom/needs covers pulled up, yadda yadda. He’s also typically up for the day at 6:00 or 6:30am. He no longer wakes up and entertains himself; he wakes up and screams and moans and dive-bombs mom and dad’s bed.

Today changed the name of his blankie from Bluey to Phooey.

this is what he wore on Super Bowl Sunday

love this picture- this is so him!

daddy taught him how to make this weird lip face

playing with shaving cream