Is getting REALLY tired of winter. Tired of the cold. Tired of the ice. Tired of the drabs and blacks and grays. Tired of my yucky winter coat. Tired of jamming children into winter gear. BLAH.

Survived turning 34 in February. Spent my birthday at home with the (entire) fam, trying to figure out how to discipline a 3 year old. That night, FatJ and I went to dinner at Barrio, followed by dessert at La Belle Vie. It was a much needed and extremely nice birthday date.

Received the most-appreciated gift ever from my husband. He scheduled and pre-paid for an afternoon at a spa for some full-fledged pampering!! So on President’s Day, when he had the day off, FatJ stayed with the kiddos while I trekked through the blizzard for an afternoon of relaxation. Massage, facial, mani and pedi…aaaaaaah. When I got home both kids were in bed asleep and the house was tidy. The bubble didn’t even burst until 4:00am when the first child screamed.

As far as my February goals are concerned… I accomplished numbers 1 and 3. I received some birthday cash and some very thoughtful gift cards, which I plan to apply to numbers 2 and 4. ETA: Accomplished #4 just this afternoon!

Spent Valentine’s evening eating take-out pizza with my mother-in-law and two screamers, while my valentine hung out in the bathroom with a virus.

Has been practicing geriatric yoga on Monday nights. I inadvertently signed up for a ‘gentle’ yoga class, which equates to me being the youngest person in the class by at least 30 years. This past Monday I fell asleep and snored myself awake during gentle yoga. True story.

Has watched a few movies recently: Steig Larsson’s Swedish “Girl” films, The Social Network, The Kids are Alright, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo.

Has been reading: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, Little Bee (liked it, didn’t love it), and just bought Half Broke Horses (excited to read it).

These are the only pictures I have of myself from recently. Ryan loves to practice his photography when I’m looking my finest in old sweats, glasses, and 3 day old hair.