So. I need to start planning a first birthday party. How exactly is this possible?

During his 11th month of life, Sam…

…has gotten way more adventurous with his crawling. Heads off on his own now to explore various places. Loves to be chased- will stop in his tracks and turn around to giggle before continuing on.

…has figured out how to open some cupboards. Likes to chew on anything he finds on the floor or in a cupboard. Spotted in his mouth over the past month: bag of powdered sugar, crumpled magazine pages, newspaper, a dog bone (thx, Gracie!), a seed from a butternut squash, toy pizza toppings, chewed off particles from a stress ball, and random ish from our always-needs-to-be-swept kitchen floor.

…has just started standing on his own. He pulls himself up on stuff ALL the time, and now will let go and hover in a standing position for a few seconds before falling over or crashing down to a sit. If I’m nearby I’ll help him do this a bunch of times in a row, and he laughs his head off the whole time he’s standing up. Very cute. I can tell he wants to be upright as much as he can, but he’s really still clueless as to how to move his feet to walk.

…learned how to crawl up the stairs.

…has become a cling-on to mommy. We’re in the separation anxiety/I need mommy at all times stage. (Please, puh-lease let this be a phase. I can’t handle TWO mama’s boys, can I?) Yesterday when I left the house, Sam sat by the back door and cried for a reported 10 minutes. He doesn’t want anyone holding him, except mommy.

…has also decided he’s no longer content to be plopped down to play independently. (I’m hoping there’s a reason for this, and that it’s just a passing fancy. And not a permanent personality change.) The past few days he’s been really cranky, clingy, and whiny. Ears? Teeth? On the brink of a developmental milestone? Who knows. I hope it’s temporary.

…continues to be an eating champ. We’ve nicknamed him The Hoover. Ryan calls him a bottomless pit. We seriously can’t cut the food up fast enough. He loves most foods we’ve given him so far, but seems to be partial to black beans, fruit, and anything sweet (had his first graham cracker today!).

…is still nursing. Happily. Happily nursing at 11 months. I have weaning in my sights; we’ll see what he has to say about that.

…still has just the four teeth. Has started biting my shoulder when I carry him. Will also flop down on his stomach and bite the floor if he gets mad.

I love pics of babies holding their feet. The only time Sam does it is on the changing table, and I’m glad I caught it earlier in the month because he isn’t really doing it much anymore.

Went to get him up from a nap one day, and quickly realized why he was so ornery falling asleep.

continually biting things

{{These next photos were taken today at Katie and Troy’s new house. Not only is their home beautiful, but the light they have coming in their huge windows is exceptional. I got better pictures randomly snapping for 30 seconds in their living room than I do in my own house when I’m actually trying to take a good picture.}}

Love ya, Sammy, my sweet. Can’t believe you’re almost ONE!