Happy birthday today to my little Sammy!! Daddy and I sang happy birthday to you this morning, and when we were done I said “clap your hands” and you did it!! You’re learning new things everyday, and surprising me left and right.

At 12 months, a.k.a. the big ONE YEAR, Sam…

-knows how to clap his hands and wave bye-bye and point. He points at stuff all day long. I try to name everything you point at, little manny.

-eats all tablefoods, drinks whole milk from a sippy, and nurses one time right before bed. Still loves to eat, but must currently be out of a growth spurt because the eating hasn’t been quite as voracious as before.

-crawls everywhere. Pulls up on anything, and stands alone without holding on. Does a little bit of cruising on furniture. Just starting to push around a toy and walk behind it.

-loves Peekaboo books.

-says bababa and dadada and something that sounds like bye-bye.

-is really quite in love with his pacifier. If he sees one lying around he grunts and points for it.

-appears to be growing attached to one blankey in particular- a silky and soft blue one.

-loves going outside and exploring all the dirty sidewalks and grass. Loves wagon rides (typically pulled by Ryan).

-hates having his diaper changed, and rolls over and sits up the minute you lay him on the changing pad.

-will put any and all types of floor detritus into his mouth. Twist-ties, stale cheerios, wilted lettuce, sticks, dirt…yum. Yesterday he appeared from underneath the table munching on a large piece of bread that had fallen off Ryan’s plate.

-seems to always be smiling and happy and laughing. He has a fun, happy disposition, and of course is THE cutest baby in the world with his rosy cheeks, flyaway hair, and 6 teeth.

-seems more ‘babyish’ than Ryan did at this age, but maybe that’s just a second child thing. And, in the past few days it feels like he’s growing up really fast.

Sam, you’ve been the sweetest little addition to our family. We can’t imagine the past year without you!

this next one here…Sam getting really happy that a dog is walking by.