Last Saturday we had Sam’s 1st birthday party. It was a gathering of family on a lovely sunny day. We decided to go easy on ourselves and order pizza (the greatest idea I’ve EVER had), and Ry decided that Sam desired a red velvet cake for his birthday, so that’s what we had. Sam seemed to love the festivities, playing with the gift wrap, and smashing his cake.

1st year photo banner… I ordered this off Etsy but totally should have just made one myself.

opening gifts…he was only interested in the wrapping…

…which was fine because big bro took care of the actual presents.

I love this picture. Nothing like some brotherly/cousinly love on one’s birthday!


The pizza lunch? Ended up on Sam’s head.

Yeah? Pizza on my head? What’s the big deal?

Let’s try a party hat instead

Sam didn’t pay a ton of attention to his intact cake. (And brother blew out the candle.)

But his attention was immediately captured when this was placed in front of him.


so good, me likey

messy and red

daddy, trying to do some clean-up