I open up an ‘add new post’ on my dashboard and I sit here staring into space. I want to blog, but I don’t even know what to say. Perhaps I should consider retirement. Until then, some random drivel.

On being tired: I’m tired. I would like to have one day (just one! it’s all I ask!) where *I* can be the person deciding when I wake up in the morning.

On this morning’s tea: Forgot about it and let it steep too long. Way too strong and bitter.

On this freaking weather: I have no words.

On snotty baby colds and discovering a clump of dried boogers in my hair: Wasn’t enough to get me to shower today.

On travel: I purchased a plane ticket. For myself! To travel. The Wonder Pets convinced me.

On the Wonder Pets: It’s Linny, not Winny.

On the Wonder Pets birthday cake: I’m going to bake a cake. Then, I’m going to cut out the pictures of Wonder Pets from the front of a coloring book and will stick them into the cake. Voila, Wonder Pets cake.

On celebrating my son’s 4th birthday on Easter with two sets of grandparents in attendance: sugar overload.

On my baby saying ‘mamamamama’ for the first time yesterday: Still really really loved it, even if he was talking to a cut-up pear at the time.

On discovering an entire jewelry box filled with my charm necklaces and beads and jelly bracelets from the 80s: Kids were entertained for at least a full 12.32 minutes.

On re-caulking a bathtub: Worst. Task. Ever.