I think I’ve discovered a way to get myself to blog more frequently… bulleted lists! That’s how my brain works these days anyway…my thoughts are all over the place, trying to remember this and do that, and clean up this and bring a kid that. If there’s such a thing as mommy-ADD, I think I have it.

  • Bullet 1 – I’ve been meaning to give a shout-out to the Five Guys in Duluth, MN after my visit there the other week. Upon unwrapping my burger, my small son immediately grabbed the wrapper and pulled the whole thing onto the floor. It was a ketchuppy mess of a mess, as you can imagine. I walked up to the Five Guys workers and told them what happened, and they gladly made me a new burger. How nice!
  • Bullet 2- On the topic of Five Guys, here are my thoughts. I liked the burger and the fries. Thought it all was a bit expensive. And I’ve noted to myself that if there’s a ‘next time’, I will certainly not need to order the regular burger (two patties???) and would have more than enough with a small burger.
  • Bullet 3- Still on the topic of Five Guys, re: the in-shell peanuts. Love that little touch of being able to munch on peanuts while you wait. Not a very friendly restaurant to those who have peanut allergies, though. Their potatoes are fried in peanut oil, too. Ryan had never seen a peanut in the shell before, and thought you could just pop the whole thing in your mouth. We caught him chewing up a whole peanut shell and all.
  • Bullet 4- I visited Sunstreet Breads today. This bakery/cafe recently opened in a nearby neighborhood. I’d love to try some of their bread or a sandwich next time, but for today I was quite pleased with my half-caf latte and my raspberry cream scone. Two thumbs up!
  • Bullet 5- Ryan is performing in his very first music program tomorrow evening. I asked him today if they were supposed to wear something in particular for the performance, and he said “we’re supposed to wear a dress.” His teacher confirmed this morning that it would be nice if they could wear dressy clothes:)
  • Bullet 6- Have I ever mentioned that I’m really happy I have two boys? The thought of raising a daughter seems daunting to me, and I’m quite glad I never have to endure parenting through a bunch of girl drama. However, every now and then I allow myself a little sigh that I’ll never get to pick out an Easter dress or put in a French braid or help a little lady decide which frock to wear for a music program.
  • Bullet 7- Ryan doesn’t like it when I try to do his hair.
  • Bullet 8- He does like exploring and wearing my jewelry, however.
  • Bullet 9- No, we’re not having any more kids.
  • Bullet 10-  I forgot, in yesterday’s list, to add a couple things to the list of Sam’s current vocalizations. He’s started to make a brrmmm-brmmm sound when picking up or playing with a car. He also says “buu” for book. I need to go back to Ry’s info for this age and compare the two. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like if Sam turns out to be as much of a chatterbox as Ry is!