Ryan’s birthday was the day after Easter, so we combined our Easter brunch with a small 4th birthday party.

Easter morning

{The EasterGrandmas arrived with full supplies of candy, toys, clothes, and books for the children, so the EasterBunny had it easy. Sam’s basket contained a ball, 2 mum-mums, and a container of puffs. Ry’s basket held an Easter cup, a small carton of goldfish, and 3 eggs with one candy in each.}

The ‘theme’ of the birthday party was Wonder Pets. Prepping the cake…

Pure coincidence that the frosting color was the same color as my sweater.

(I cut out Wonder Pets images from the front cover of a sticker book, and taped toothpicks on for cake toppers.)

finished product

there was also a homemade WP banner

and, of course, some WP gifts

FatJ made Ry a can phone, and got him the WP beanie babies. {Note: Pretty much the moment he opened these thematic gifts, he lost all interest in the Wonder Pets. For reals.}

The day was a lovely one, so Ry practiced riding his new scooter. We also took a walk.

And then had cake.

It was a fun day! I think the dude had fun…so cannot believe he’s FOUR!