Just because he turned one doesn’t mean time is going to stop, does it? Here we are already at 13 months. Lots has happened in the past month in Sam’s world…

He ate his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Loved!

Had his first taste of ice cream. Double loved!

Grabbed his first handfuls of sand (yesterday). Loved!

Took his first unassisted step (yesterday). Very tentative!

In the walking department, Sam is a cruiser of furniture. He’ll now push around walking toys, too, and gets mad when they hit against something and he gets stuck. He’s been really reluctant to walk holding someone’s hands, but in the past few days he’s been willing to try it more and more, and yesterday when I was crouching in front of him holding his hands and cheering him on, I let go and he took one step. So exciting!

He ADORES the outdoors. It’s going to be hard on his knees if he continues to use crawling as his main mode of transportation; not to mention hard on his pants! We’ve made a number of trips to the parks this week, and Sam quickly took to playing in the sand and standing upright while holding on to a stationary piece of playground equipment.

He’s beginning to show a bit of a temper at times. He’ll arch his back, scream, and try to lunge out of my arms if I take him away from something he’s enjoying. Also screams, growls, hits, and tries to bite if Big Brother pisses him off (frequent occurrence).

Sam’s probably the messiest eater I’ve ever seen. Outfits are changed more than once a day, the high chair looks like a food bomb went off, and the floor underneath? Indescribable. Yuck. He also loves smearing food in his hair and squirreling away pieces he doesn’t want into his lap.

Sam gets REALLY excited if he sees a ball or a dog. He clearly says “BA!” for ball, and “DAH” for dog. Still only says dada, no mama. But recently has been trying to enunciate something that sounds very close to “Ryan.” It’s something along the lines of “ra-ra” or “ya-ya.” We’ll see how that one evolves.

He loves watching his brother, wants to do whatever he does, and mimics all of Ry’s zany 4yo behavior. They’re interacting more and entertaining one another more, which is refreshing!

As far as playing goes, Sam loves to take lids off things and put them back on. Loves to dump out containers and put stuff back in. Loves whipping everything off the coffee table, and loves playing with anything he shouldn’t be. In the past week he’s gotten into Ryan’s art supply bin, the container of cornmeal which was spilled all over the floor, the candy jar that Ryan left setting on the dining room floor, the bathroom garbage…

Points to people’s noses, gives open-mouthed kisses, starting to point out stuff in books.

Oh yeah, and the day after I wrote this post, we were done with nursing. He’s still very attached to the pacis, and would have one in all the time if I let him.

He’s also starting to sprout the baby mullet, just like bro did at this age!

A few photos…

post-nap, photo snapped by Ryan

He loves chili, apparently.