We have a new niece/cousin in the family, and the two boys and I had the pleasure of meeting her today. Brynn Margaret is nine days old, and a sweet little newborn doll.

It was fun to see my kids’ reactions to a wee baby. Ryan was reluctant to hold her, but kept telling me how cute she was. Eventually he held her, and it was so sweet how they snuggled up together on the couch. Ryan did not want to give Brynn up- he probably held her for a good 10 minutes. The rest of the day he kept mentioning how Brynn squirmed for a moment and opened one eye and squinted at him. He was so pleased she did that for him! Sam got a big smile on his face when I showed him the baby. He did a few nice soft baby touches, but then later got a little eager and gave her a whack in the head. Brynn, I think you’re in for some fun with your big brother and boy cousins at all future family gatherings!

These pictures we took of the four cousins crack me up. The two younger boys, completely uninterested in what’s going on, and then proud Ryan, caretaker of the baby.

And just one of my cute baby, who is so remarkably huge compared to a newborn!