No pictures of me with my children on Mother’s Day- that would make too much sense. Instead, I have some pictures of my husband and mother-in-law playing kickball,

some pictures of father and son playing kickball…

…and talking about serious man things (I love this picture).

I have some pictures of this handsome guy

(we’ll call this a south mpls Mother’s Day blowout).

And I have some pictures of that which I was gifted:

a Mother’s Day card, complete with Ryan’s signature, a drawing of a tornado, and “an ice cream card, so you can go ice cream shopping,”

a beautiful wooden tulip, hand painted at preschool by Ryan,

and, a hand print flower and very sweet poem, handcrafted at preschool by Ryan. (The poem actually had me tearing up!)

(the second stanza is amazingly appropriate for this child, who tells me no less than 10 times a day that I’m his best friend.)

{{Just for recollection’s sake: Mother’s day 2011. Children were up at 6:00am like usual. FatJ attempted to let me sleep in, which lasted for about 7 minutes, when Ryan came up screaming that he needed me for something. Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jer came over for brunch. Ryan threw huge tantrum right before we ate because I was not sitting in the correct “place” at the table directly next to him, and because Grandpa put Sam’s tray on the high chair instead of Ryan. After eating, we all played kickball in the backyard. Then it rained, and we moped around the house. Then Ry’s friend came over to play. Then I left the house for one hour, returning an item at a store and visiting a friend. Then we had burgers on the grill at GrandparentsJ’s house for dinner. Mother’s Day- a day like any other!}}

No pictures like this one this year, but I was late last year too so maybe I’ll recreate it sometime soon.