Ry’s preschool class is having a special end-of-year show and tell extravaganza. Today the girls all brought something to show, and tomorrow it’s the boys’ turn. I had to explain what show and tell is (it hasn’t been a regular part of his classroom), and then I asked him if he had any ideas of what he’d like to bring. He seemed to have decided on the cool garbage truck that he just received as a b-day gift. When I picked Ry up today I asked him what sorts of things the girls brought to show, and he says, in a very exasperated voice, “the girls all brought DOLLS.” This evening, I reminded him that tomorrow is his show and tell day, and I asked if he was still planning to bring the garbage truck. And his answer was “No. I’m going to bring in my baby.” ???????????? “Yeah, I’m going to bring in my little doll baby.” ????????? Wha? So then I said, “What about the garbage truck? All the kids will love it!! They’re tired of seeing dolls after today’s show and tell!!” And he said “NO MOMMY, I want to bring my baby.” Which, I mean…awwwwww. Part of me thinks it’s cute he wants to bring his baby (a doll that, btw, we got Ryan in preparation for Sam’s birth), but then on the other hand here he is wanting to do what everyone else did?? Come on! We’ll see what he chooses in the morning:) I’m dying to find out.


Tonight, as I was tucking him in, he says “Mommy, I think I should start taking naps again, because sometimes I get tired in the day.” ?????????????????????? WHAT??????????????????????????

This is the child that gave up napping at 2.5! This is the kid who I’ve had to fight to nap, fight to rest. And just TODAY, I was prepared to give my right arm if he would take a rest so that I could take a nap. I flat out ASKED him if he wanted to rest in his bed? my bed? the couch? And his reply was NO MOMMY, NO NO NO! What are the chances he’ll remember this request in the morning? No doubt, come about 2:00 I aim to find out.