An update, on yesterday’s stuff.

‘Baby’ went along to school with Ry for show and tell. I asked him what he told the class about the baby, and he said “everything.” He’s so full of information about what happens at school, hardy har. I did ask what the other boys brought for show and tell and he said a puppy, a shark, a tractor, and a baby sister’s slippers (?). Hahaha!

Ryan did NOT nap yesterday. I knew he would not. He is not a child to EVER ask to take a nap, unless he’s sick, and even then it’s “I need to just lay here on the couch and be warmed up and then accidentally fall asleep” and NEVER “I want to take a nap.”


Look what arrived for me today.

Srsly. A friend sent me this surprise package. We had a special bond over DQ blizzards back in college. Apparently she saw this lovely item for sale and decided my life could not go on without it. Thankfully I do not keep half and half cream on hand on a regular basis in my fridge, or we would have been blizzarding immediately if it were up to my son.