Should I do a Summer ’11 photo-a-day??

Some additional thoughts…

-I’d like to take more pictures.
-I like looking back on the previous two summers’ photo pages (even though I failed miserably at actually completing them).
-It would give me a project. I need a project.
-It would also feel like a burden some days. I don’t need anything feeling like a burden.
-Would I start it today and end it Labor Day (what I always think of as Summer), or would I start it at the Summer solstice and end at the autumnal equinox or whatever it is?
-Also of note: I went on a trip this weekend (SANS KIDS!) and didn’t take ANY camera along with me and I felt so liberated!! But, there were a few moments when I wished I’d had it.

Is there anyone out there interested in joining me?? These things are always more fun in numbers:)