This past weekend FatJ and I experienced a get-away of the child-free variety. We weren’t exactly vacationing together, but we weren’t entirely apart either. Friday night we flew out together to Chicago. We spent that evening hanging out with my fine hosts Jim and Erik, and FatJ’s friend Dave. (We also spent that evening dining on a variety of scrumptious meats, cheeses, chocolates, and pizza, and imbibing ‘weird’ beer and divine margaritas.) Oh, and I went to bed at 2:00am. Voluntarily!!

The next morning FatJ and his three buddies set off by car to Indiana, where they stayed at a Motel 6 and experienced the thrills of the Indy 500 in 90+ degree blazing heat.

Meanwhile, I stayed back in Chicago to experience the thrills of sleeping in, getting ready for the day in a peaceful and leisurely manner, eating breakfast at noon and dinner at 8:00, trying some new restaurants, doing a little shopping, and GOING TO A MOVIE (at 10:10pm! Bridesmaids! LOVED!) My stay also included a stroll through Millenium Park, a visit to the Art Institute, a number of viewings of Rick Steves Italy DVDs, and the beginning of a search for a new couch. The weather in Chicago was crap the entire weekend, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my first escapade away from my kids since Sam was born. Oh, and I didn’t take one picture the entire weekend. I didn’t even bring a camera with me!

Meanwhile, back at the home front… Ryan and Sam remained under the care and tutelage of their Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jer. From what I gather, things went relatively well. It’s been very interesting and amusing to hear snippets of what went on over the weekend these past three days since I’ve been home. I need to remind myself that 4yo Ryan is in the developmental phase of experimenting with ‘stretching the truth’, so I’m inclined to not believe all of this stuff. (Right Grandma and Grandpa? Right?). I’ll leave you with a report of the weekend, according to Ryan.

– We had a rule. I was NOT allowed to ride my bike when Grandma was here.
-Sam never went to the park with us.
-I never took a bath the whole time Grandma was here.
-I took a bath EVERY NIGHT that Grandma was here.
-I never went potty after stories when Grandma was here, because I was too tired.
-I ate candy ALL THE TIME.
-After every lunch I ate a POPSICLE!
-Grandma brought cupcakes.
-Grandpa brought doughnuts. But Sam didn’t have one.
-We went to Dairy Queen. I had a vanilla in a cone with a chocolate outside.
-I ate my turkey and cheese in the living room watching the Indy 500.
-I watched the Indy 500 all day, and I saw daddy on TV!!
-I ate my pizza in the living room watching Sponge Bob and Wonder Pets. [SPONGE BOB. OMG.]
-I got dressed all by myself and surprised Grandma.

(P.S. Thanks J & E for your hospitality and the great weekend! Three days in and I’m still readjusting to the ‘real world.’)