In regards to my hacked (or whatever?) email account and the spam that has been spewing forth to anyone I’ve ever emailed…

My brother told me he would advise against sending out a mass email to all of my contacts, as that is an action that ‘some idiots’ would do. Instead, I’ll do something that’s only slightly idiotic and will apologize via a blog post to those readers of mine who also happen to be one of my email contacts. I’m sorry about the spam. Please forgive me. It all happened because one day when I was doing a rapid-check of my email whilst one child was trying to eat a power cord and the other was screaming at me and the pot on the stove was boiling over and I performed one small act of idiocy and clicked on a link that was spammed to me.

The computer specialist that I live with did something with my email account, so we’ll see if it’s fixed. If you keep getting spam from me, please let me know.

And for the love of all things holy, do not make the same idiotic mistake I did!