It’s Saturday morning. I’m sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop and a half caf. I’m going to keep typing this post until I receive a text from my BFF Jen telling me it’s pedicure time. How did I find myself here? This morning at 7:17am I texted my husband from the dining room telling him I’d be leaving the house at 9:00 and would return at 5:00. When he received my text, he was upstairs in bed recovering from a night out with neighbor dudes at the Twins game. Their evening started with Pabst tall boys in our front yard, and ended with what I believe to be a taxi drop-off in a thunderstorm. Ryan snuggled up to daddy in bed this morning and said “EW daddy, What’s that SMELL?? YOU SMELL BAD!!”

Just got that text, so I’m outtie. Have a great Saturday!