This past week, Sam officially started walking all over, all the time. The other night I was trying to catch some final footage of him crawling, but I didn’t get much in my video. Each time he’d fall over, I’d think he’d resort to crawling, but no, he’d just stand right back up and keep walking. So I guess this entry will get added to the baby book: Sam- walking- 14.5 months

What else is he doing these days?

-He gives me the adorable-eye to get me to chase him. It’s one of his favorite games, especially up the stairs. I say “I’m gonna get you!” and he takes off the other way, giggling the entire time. {This little game has backfired on me during times such as a diaper change when I need him to come to me but he just runs the other way.}

-He’s talking. Why yes, we have another talker on our hands. Right now it’s a lot of babble, but it’s so cute how he imitates our intonation and tries to repeat what we say. He does have a few words, however, including: dada, bye, up, mama (but rarely, and never to my face), da (dog), ba (ball), uh-oh, and dat!. He also says something like ba for blankey, and a special grunty moany finger point when he sees paci. Oh, and just tonight he said Ryan, clear as a bell.

-He’s very interested in the typical “boy” things: construction vehicles and trucks, balls, big brother’s building toys. He’ll also be very gentle and sweet though, snuggling his blankey or a stuffed animal, and giving gentle pats on a person’s head or chest.

-He’s snuggly. He’ll hang out in your lap, especially if he’s a little sleepy and there’s a pacifier involved.

-He knows to turn around backwards to go down the stairs, and he says “up” anytime he’s going up OR down stairs.

-He has a monster sweet tooth. He loves fruit, and has devoured anything else sweet we’ve given him. Among his loves are ice cream, yogurt, and graham crackers. His eating in general has decreased in voracity lately. He’s gotten really picky with things he doesn’t like and will pick them up and chuck them across the room. The wall next to his high chair? It’s permanently encrusted with nasty dried on food. He also takes his sippy cup of milk and pitches it any which way. And he’s strong, too, so don’t get in his way during mealtime.

-He LOVES being outside. Sam could sit and play in a pile of sand all day. He also loves picking up and carrying around sticks, and seems to much prefer playing on the sidewalk over playing in grass. We’ve also noticed a magnetic pull between Sam and large bodies of water, such as Lake Nokomis and the wading pool at Pearl Park.

-His other love is dogs. He can spot one from a mile away, and will get a huge smile on his face, point, and shout DAW! We were playing with a neighbor’s puppy today and man were there wails and tears when we had to leave.

-He’s also developing that sweet 1 year old temper. The kind where he arches his back and tries to lunge out of my arms and head butts and slaps. Yeah, that one.

-Some of the cutest things he does? Holds his towel over his face after bath, pulls it off himself, and waits for you to say peekaboo. Puts his hand over my face, takes it away, and waits for me to say peekaboo. Stands at our front door and “talks” about all the dogs and construction machines he sees. Stands at the back door and grunts to go outside. Holds a cell phone to his ear.

Overall, our little Sammy? He’s a joy. Every time I look at him he makes me smile, and I just want to scoop him up and kiss those smooshy little cheeks of his. Here’s looking at you, Sammy Boo!