• Took Ryan to his first movie on Saturday. We saw Winnie the Pooh, just he and I. We had lots of fun- I think he really enjoyed the theater experience, not to mention the Sprite and popcorn that went along with it. Next time I’ll rethink the soda…even though the movie is only an hour long, we still had to make an emergency run to the potty with about 5 minutes left in the show.
  • It is hot, hot, HOT here right now. Our fam hit up the wading pool Saturday. Yesterday the boys splashed in the front yard in our kiddie pool. The whole neighborhood was deserted as everyone took shelter inside with their AC, but my die-hards were out there.
  • We were scheduled to have some family photos taken yesterday. At 8:30am, it was in the 90s with like a 100% humidity rating. The photographer’s camera and lens were completely fogged up with moisture that just would not clear because of the humid conditions, so we had to cancel. Which was a major bummer because we got ourselves ready to go and were at our destination by 8:30am on a Sunday with no major meltdowns, no wardrobe malfunctions, AND a good hair day for me.
  • Ryan toted his camera along though, so the photo shoot wasn’t a total loss.
  • I’m way behind on the Summer ’11 picture-a-day thing. Just updated it through July 3rd, if you’re interested. Recently added is a great shot of my mother trying to stay cool as a cucumber in the summer’s heat.
  • QUESTION for readers: Do any of you own a ice pop mold thing? For making your own popsicles or ice pops at home? I’m looking for a good one that actually works. Sounds like a fun and yummy summer activity, but I can also see it being disastrous if the mold is of poor quality.
  • Stay cool!