The other day, Ryan and I were moping on the couch summer-style while Sam took his nap. Ry kept asking me to play something with him, and I kept saying that grown-ups don’t really like to play that much, just kids do. Then I decided to ask Ry a few questions to test his awareness of these matters.What follows are his answers…

Ryan, what are some things that grown-ups like to do?

-reading newspapers
-going to bed
-taking a nap
-going to buy curtains (??? hahahaha)
-putting on polish (that would be nail polish)

What are some things that Daddy likes to do?

-likes going to work (HA.)
-we want him home everyday
-likes to listen to music
-likes to go to concerts

What are some things that Mommy likes to do?

-watch TV (??? mommy RARELY watches TV)
-reading magazines
-reading newspapers
-eating (hahahaha he knows me so well)

What are some things that Sam likes to do?

-throw stuff on the floor
-tries to hit us
-likes playing ball popper

What are some things that Ryan likes to do?

-play toys
-play tent
-play car in grandma’s car
-likes eating
-likes doing art