Aaaah, this age is so fun. Learning new words, finding joy and excitement in everything, and just being cute in general. That’s our Sam right now. He’s also getting somewhat feisty and sneaky, and learning how to hold his own with big brother. It’s fun to watch him go through all the changes and stages that a kid this age goes through. The latest and greatest with Sam…

-He’s loving summer. He loves the sprinkler, pool, hose, puddles, buckets of water…you name it. If it’s wet and splashy, he likes it. He also loves walking up and down the sidewalk, exploring the neighbor’s fountain and birdbath, driving his cozy coupe, and picking up sticks, acorns, rocks, etc. He’s into tasting mud, licking sidewalk chalk, and pulling random green things from the garden and trying to eat them.

-Walks on his tippy toes sometimes, which is overly adorable. Has also taken up a run. He especially likes to bring that out when you want him to come to you; he runs the other way, obvs.

-Is a climber. Climbs the kitchen step stool to get to the counter. Climbs stairs (up and down). And yesterday I looked into the living room and saw him standing on the ottoman.

-Has really gotten into reading books this month, but is very picky about which books. His faves are Quack, Quack, Goodnight Moon, a Max and Ruby grocery shopping book from the library, Jack It’s Bedtime, and Tanka Tanka Skunk.

-If you say “it’s time for night night, Sam” he’ll find his blankey, grunt for the pacifier, and head for the book pile in his room. Then he picks out a book and hands it to you to read. After you lay him down in his crib, he says bye bye!

-Is TALKING. Holy cow. ((Again, how is it exactly that Pat and I ended up with two talkers??)) These are the words he’s using these days: mama, mommy, dada, owie, uppie, ca-ca (cracker), COO-kie (cookie- learned that one at Grandma’s house), ba (ball), bayee (blankey), beeboo (peek a boo), bie-pa (diaper), ba (bath), bye bye, hi, dah (dog), buh (book), soo (shoes), door. And uh-oh. Uh-oh is a really popular one. His favorite game is to lob things across the room from his highchair, and then innocently say uh-oh. Oh yeah, he also says nah for snack.

-He also jibber-jabbers baby gibberish all the time. It’s really adorable. I love having conversations with him, even though I have no clue what he’s saying.

-Loves throwing and catching balls, and is actually quite good at catching. Also likes kicking balls around.

-Is VERY friendly. Will shout hi and bye bye and wave at anyone passing by. Doesn’t just say it once either. No one escapes with no fewer than five bye byes from Sam.

-Has taken to peeing in the bathtub…ON PURPOSE. One time he peed, and I pointed it out to him (with a smile and a cheer, doh), and since then he’s thought it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you’re thinking to yourself peeing on command?!? This dude is ready for potty training! think again, because I’m not starting that business till he’s at least three.

-Within the last couple days has just switched to one nap a day. So far that’s going well.

-Likes playing with little objects and shoving them in random containers and locations.

-Loves to grab his blankey or his giant fuzzy bear for snuggles. He drags them out of his room and them plops on top of them.

The other weekend big boy Sam spent the weekend away from home- and away from mommy- while at the cabin with Daddy, Ry, and Grandma and Grandpa. Then he spent the night alone at the grandparents’ house, and did a great job! Grandma Karen said she’d like to keep Sam for herself, because he was such the perfect angel!

I keep thinking he’s still a wee babe, but look at this guy. Going to try and keep him snuggly for awhile longer…