I’m so motivated to continue after I won last week!

This week’s challenges on ISO are to snap a photo with sun flare and a photo with the theme “feet.”

Sun flare…I’ve tried this technique before, but had forgotten exactly how to purposely capture the flare of the sun’s rays with the camera lens. So, I followed the tips posted by Nicole and Michelle and went out to my backyard and used the dried up flowering part of the hostas as my stationary object. Any technique that can transform my gnarly backyard into a glowing, ethereal space is a technique worth using! Here’s my sun flare entry:

And the feet entry…Michelle left me a comment on my post about Sam at 16 months saying that I should enter this shot in this week’s contest, so here it is. My little Sammy’s toddler feet with a blade of grass intertwined in his toes. Edible, those toes are!