Our lovely niece Brynn was baptized over the weekend, and we have the honor of being her godparents.

(I stole these two photos from Katie.)
My sweet Ry has a thing for sweet little babies. Love him! Ryan and Brynn, back in July…

Yeah, I think that was taken the day after Ryan’s face had an unfortunate meeting with a giant rock.


See that teensy tinesy little pearl bracelet? I got to pick out christening jewelry:) The first of many girlie selections I get to make for small Brynn, I do hope.

Since Pat and I were godparents, we were up on the altar for a few minutes during the baptism ceremony. Which meant our children were left seated back in the congregation with the Grandparents. The moment I stepped towards the front, Sam immediately started crying and yelling MAMA, and Ryan began recording some excellent video footage.

Looking forward to many more family memories, little Brynny!