I’ve been meaning to blog all week…just never get to it. Bullets…

-Ryan + Daddy are at the fair today. Mommy + Sam are hanging out at home.

-Ryan was beyond excited to go to the fair. He was mostly looking forward to the giant slide, the gondola, and Ye Olde Mill. And we’re eating breakfast at the fair too, mommy!!!

-Tomorrow begins preschool. Thursday and Friday the kiddos go for a short 1.5 hour stint to ease into things. Although he’ll try to deny it, I know Ry is excited to be back at school. And whoa boy, am I ever ready for a little scheduled mommy/Ryan separation time!

-Sam also has his first day of “school” tomorrow. I signed us up for an ECFE class this fall on Thursday mornings while Ry’s in preschool.

-Speaking of education, I *just* registered for a two-hour a week Spanish conversation class for myself. AYE! Que nervios tengo! I have deep regrets that my Spanish fluency has slipped down to the levels of ‘nonexistent’, so I’m quite excited to get back into the second language arena.

I have some posts in my head that will someday be published. Posts about our visit with Leila the WonderGolden. And about how Sam is talking up a storm. And a post about one of my most favorite sites in Minneapolis for having fun and taking pictures.

(see those little crocs there on Sam’s feet? One of them is floating around somewhere in the city of Minneapolis. Grrrrr.)

Speaking of photos, we FINALLY had our family photo session last Saturday after two reschedulings. It was a gorgeous day, and we had so much fun. I can hardly wait to see the pictures!