I HAD to post this a little ahead of Sam’s 17 month status update. This post qualifies as something I’d write in Sam’s baby book if I was keeping up with that, so please note, it’s only interesting to me. And, it’s about poop.

Yesterday, Samuel Robert POOPED IN THE POTTY.

He is 16 months old. August 31, 2011.

Let’s back up a moment, shall we. This kid is 16 months old. And potty training him is about the furthest thing from my mind. Based on all the fun I had with Ryan’s PT, I’ve proclaimed over and over that I will not even ATTEMPT to potty train Sam till he’s three.

Yesterday. Sam did a poo in his diaper and started grabbing himself in typical manly style. I said “oh you pooped, let’s go change!” and he marched into the bathroom and then opened up the POTTY and said something like “peepee!” So I changed his diaper, and then I plopped him on the potty since he was so interested. He sat there and giggled and acted like it was the king’s throne. I put his diaper back on after a couple moments, and went on with the day. At lunch, he had some gas going on, and was again grabbing on his diaper saying something like “poopoo!” So I said you have to go poo? And off we went to the bathroom, I took off his diaper, he sat on the potty and giggled and smiled and told me in gibberish about all his man parts. I told him he could go pee in the potty, he just smiled at me. Suddenly there was a BIG MOMENT and next thing I know my 16month old had POOPED IN THE POTTY.

End of story.

What do I do with this?????