A few weeks ago we paid a visit to our old buddy Leila. At 8.5 years old, she’s still the same doggy, just a little grayer, a little stiffer, and maybe a little stinkier. She remembered her old name right away when we pulled in and I called for her (remember, she’s now named Denard?), and she showered us (literally) with sand and water, and (figuratively) with attention and vigor the whole time we were there.

She’s still obsessed with tennis balls, still obsessed with water, and still obsessed with making sure NO ONE dare forget she’s around.

We are so grateful to Leila’s current owners for allowing us to visit her and for providing her with such an action-packed and exciting lifestyle. I shudder at the thought of what my mental state this poor doggy would be like with if she were still with us! Ryan asks about her from time to time, and had really been talking about her a lot this summer, so it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with Leila.

(then there’s poor Sammy, who has no idea WHAT he’s missed out on!)

Video: Ryan and Ethan (Leila’s…ugh, ‘nephew’?) attempting to play fetch with her.