The months just keep rolling on by, don’t they? Here we are at 17 months; here’s the Sammy update:

TALK-ING. We have another talker, folks. In addition to the words he was saying last month, he’s added a few new ones. He’s now saying: bluey (for blankey- not sure if this is his language evolving in it’s own way, or if he’s picked this up from Ry, who calls his blankey bluey as well), papis (for paci- love this one, so cute!), nigh-nigh, wawee (water), appo (apple), peeh (peach), car, bikes, fiss (fish), pee-pee, poo-poo, shoos (shoes), no. [‘No’ is a funny one. He’s learned that it’s an important word and that he should say it often, but he does not know what it means. It seems like he thinks ‘no’ means ‘yes’. Sam, are you ready for your bath? NO NO! But he loves baths, and answers this while excitedly smiling.]

And this guy is so friendly, SO friendly. He’ll go up and say hi to anyone, and will repeat the hi over and over and over again. In the check-out at Target? The check-out person will get like 25 hi’s from Sam. He also says bye-bye to all random people after they’ve passed us. What’s neat about this is that you can really tell how one little hi from a toddler can make a person’s day. People’s faces light up and they seem taken aback when they hear such a happy little ‘hi!’ from Sam.

He claps and dances if he hears music. He’ll also say “dan!” if he wants you to dance with him.

He’s currently loving playing with balls and small cars and car garages. His latest book obsessions are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Tanka Tanka Skunk.

He started ECFE. He’s in an “Early Ones” class with 12-18 month olds. I think he’s the oldest kid in there. He seems to really like it and looks like such a big boy sitting on a real chair at a real table for snack, drinking out of a real cup! The parents remain in the room the whole time, but during the last half the parents stay on one side of the room for a discussion while the toddlers play with the teachers (in theory). Small Sam requires frequent mommy check-ins during this time.

He’s in that phase of separation anxiety from mommy. Some days are better than others, but for a change of pace this kid really really loves daddy, too!! (Ryan was/is mommy’s guy all the way). Sam will call out for DADA and go through the house looking for him. Today while I was in the shower I could hear Sam yelling DA DA! DA DA! the entire time.

Sam is back to taking two naps. Last month he went down to one nap, but after a few days he was getting really ornery, would be super tired at 10:30, and then was having poor sleep during his one long nap. So, during days when we have nothing going on, I’m just going to give Sam the two naps for as long as he wants them. Doesn’t bother me any at all- I like how the two naps break up the day!

He loves going places, exploring new things, and running around. Loves to run down hills, over bridges. Loves looking at water. Loves running up and down sidewalks; loves running AWAY from mommy. Loves dogs.

Sam is a SWEET TOOTH. He adores any kind of cookie or treat or ice cream. Calls anything that looks yummy a “coo kee!” Takes a bite of something good and immediately says “MMMMmmmmm!” He also loves blueberries and raspberries, and would eat an entire pint in one sitting if I’d let him. Sam had a s’more for the first time at the cabin, and loved it.

Some of the fun things we’ve done together during the past month include: two trips to the Stone Arch/Guthrie/Mill City area downtown, one trip to Duluth and one trip to the cabin for Labor Day weekend, fun at Minnehaha Falls (and family photo shoot!), trips to Woodlake Nature Center, trip to Como Zoo, trip to SLP pool, trip to the lock and dam, two birthday parties, and one baptism. Not to mention all the sprinkler runs, pool plops, and outdoor adventures right in our own front yard!

It was a really fun summer with this guy. He’s such a funny, goofy, cute little pleasure to be around. Loving this age!!

(Oh yeah, and the potty stuff previously mentioned in this post…) Sam often tells me when he’s done his business in his diaper. And then I say okay, let’s go change you, and he either 1.) runs right into the bathroom to get changed, or 2.) runs the other way laughing. If you mention the potty, he gets really excited about using it and sits right down. We’re not going to be forcing anything, but if he acts interested and ASKS to sit on the pot, we’re rolling with that!


Sam+big bro

ugh…crazy man

visit to Park Point in Duluth

Sam fell asleep in Grandma’s arms