*Sam needs a haircut. I think the time has come.

*Sam insists upon eating things whole. As in, he doesn’t want a PIECE of apple. He wants the WHOLE apple. Piece of cookie? NO. Whole gigantic cookie the size of my head from the coffee shop? YES. The scraped remains of the applesauce in the bowl offered up on a spoon from mommy? NO. Whole new bowl full of applesauce eaten straight out of his hands? YES.

*Ryan is 4.5 and has developed a love for Thomas the Train. Is that odd? I feel like Thomas is an obsession for two year olds or something. Not that I’m complaining; I have nothing against Thomas.

*Ryan returned from school yesterday saying that he played with a binomial cube. Binomial cube. I guess that means his mathematical prowess will surpass mine a few years earlier than originally predicted.

*Which brings me to the following discussion topic: Montessori. If you have two cents to offer, please do.

*Zestar apples: the grocery store ones were superb; farmer’s market ones, not so much.

*Chalk this up to something you thought you’d never hear me say, but I’m considering a one-month trial of going dairy free. In an effort to clear up some irritating skin issues. Problem one: I’ll need to find something to put on my cereal. Soy milk? Rice milk? Almond milk? I’m completely unfamiliar with alternative milks. Cheese will be hard. Yogurt- not so hard. And let’s be real- if anyone invites me out for ice cream I will TOTALLY STILL GO. I’m worried about popcorn…I cannot eat unbuttered popcorn.

*I have a kid next to me telling me what I’m doing on this computer is BORING, so off I go. Ta ta.