Ryan says so many things that strike me as so very funny. And usually by the next day I’ve forgotten them. I wanted to write these recent ones down.

-(while eating Nerds candy for the first time): these little rock candies are the most gooder candy in the whole world!

-(he has some deep thoughts about math. I guess maybe it is appropriate he’s learning about a binomial cube?): why do numbers keep going on forever and ever? what’s the last number? when does counting the numbers end?

-(when working on building a rocket ship thing out of connector blocks): if we take those triangle things off the top it doesn’t look as handsome!!

-(watching the credits roll after one of his shows): Mommy, where do those words go when they get to the top of the TV and go into that crack??

-(a discussion about his future): Mommy, I just don’t know what to BE when I grow up. There are SO many choices. There’s a fireman, a mommy, a daddy. I don’t know WHAT I’ll be. Well, I’ll probably just go to work with daddy. We can ride together.