If kids weren’t so irritating, they’d actually be quite enjoyable. —- Anne, of FatJ

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Research Topic #1: What Kids Do When They Wake Up In the Morning

In an effort to discover whether or not my kid’s morning behavior falls along the range of ‘normal’, I’m conducting a bit of research. Feel free to participate in this ground-breaking study! Please, do share. What do your kids do when they wake up in the morning? Perhaps they lie in bed peacefully until the rest of the family awakens. Perhaps they get up and play quietly. Perhaps they head for the remote and watch cartoons. Or do they come and join mom and dad in bed? Are they jumping off the walls, or lethargic? Do they wake up at a Decent Time, or at the a-crack of dawn? Are they independent in the morning, or clingy? Are they whiny, or calm?

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Research Topic #2: Why Do Grandparental-Aged Women Love Buying Overalls for Small Children?

Over the past 4.5 years of being the parents to two sons, we have acquired a multitude of overalls ranging in sizes from newborn to toddler. These were given as gifts mainly, and I’d say the majority of those overall gift-givers were women in the Grandparental Age Group. I don’t think I bought any myself. Some were also hand-me-downs. Now, I’m not denying that overalls on a tiny person are not cute- they are. I do, however, find overalls a bit cumbersome to get on and off and change a diaper in. For teeny babies, the hard metal latches tend to jam up in their face when they’re in a car seat or in a sitting position, which I can’t imagine is too comfortable. I believe Sam has outgrown all of the overalls that we’ve had, and they’ve thusly been donated or passed on to the next lucky baby who will get to wear them. We were an overall-free household!! That was, until Grandma visited on Saturday and delivered to Sam a pair of hand-me-down overalls in size 24 months. Because they’re so cute!! says Grandma. My friend blabbity-blah (surely someone in the Grandparental age group) brought me these adorable overalls and said ‘don’t you have a grandkid about this size?’ and I said yes and brought them right to Sam!

And so, what I’m researching here is this: Why do women of the Grandparental age group ADORE gifting overalls??

newborn greenie overalls- gifted by Grandma K via consignment shop

patchwork infant overalls- gifted by a friend in her 30s! (anomaly?) {{{OMG Sam you’re so cute!}}}

corduroy overalls- gifted to Ryan by Grandma M, worn here by Sam

flannel overall OUTFIT, gifted by Grandma K

denim overalls, gifted to Ryan by friend of GrandmaK (of the grandparental age group)

denim short overalls – hand me down {{{{OMG This is Ryan! The cuteness!}}}}