How amazing is this October? It’s October 9th, the leaves are 50% or more off the trees and we’re still comfortable in shorts, Ts, and flip flops?! THIS is my kind of autumn.

We’ve been having all sorts of outdoor fun this past week, in our shorts and sunglasses and summer footwear.

rose garden (Sam wanted to get in the fountains and go for a swim)

so Parisien-looking

Roberts bird sanctuary (Pat was twitching just knowing we were in there)

our front yard…

a hint of the season’s first cold

The rest of these were taken this past weekend in Duluth. Duluth- the freezing capital of the world! It was 80 there Saturday. In Duluth!! We did some hiking at Hawk’s Ridge both Friday and Saturday.

Friday I was not prepared for hiking, so there I am in my non hiking-friendly sandals.

The next day though, I was well outfitted in tennis shoes.

Ryan loved the hikes, and was very into spotting the colored dots along the trail that let us know we were STILL ON THE TRAIL. He did get extremely worried when we lost the trail a couple times. He thought we may be lost in the WOODS forever, even though the road was about 50 feet due north of where we were.

Oh, and we had an interesting creature sighting. A snake. Eating a toad. A SNAKE EATING A TOAD! You know how there are things you may not like or may be afraid of, but you pretend to be all a-okay with said things so that your kid doesn’t develop a phobia of the same things?? Yeah, snakes. They are my ‘thing.’ I hate snakes. So (after I screamed) I tried to be all nonchalant about the snake. Oh yeah, there’s a snake. No biggie. Wait now, THERE’S A SNAKE WITH ITS JAWS AROUND THE HIND LEG OF A TOAD!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!