Sam has really picked up the Halloween vocabulary this past week. He knows that if you hide, you can then say boo! He knows if you throw a blanket over your head and walk around, you should say boo! He knows that ghosts say boo! Also, anything with a scary face is a gos! And he’ll repeat spooky! spooky! if he hears it.

So, it’s late. I have a bunch of Halloween pics but those will come later. Here are a few iphone photos from Halloween.

We spent the morning at Choo Choo Bob’s, looking at and playing with trains.

Here’s Ry, downing some sugar after lunch.

And Sam, who chose an orange out of someone’s candy bowl, and then ate the whole thing after trick-or-treating.

I can’t quite get over his chickeny adorableness.

The two of us, as we wait to pass out more loot to trick or treaters.