Within the past seven days, Pat and I have been out on two dates.

The first, last Saturday afternoon: We dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa’s and went to look at new dishwashers. Woo! {Yes, this really is exciting! Not only does our current dishwasher not clean chapstick lip marks off of glassware or peanut butter off of knives, it also seems to be falling out of the wall, and the other night started spewing water all over the kitchen floor.} After the appliance store, we stopped at a pizza place and enjoyed some special couple time sipping cokes while we waited for the pizza. We then brought that pizza back to the inlaws’ and ate it with our kids.

Tonight we were granted another opportunity for a date, thanks to preschool conferences. Pat’s mom came over to watch the kids, and then after the conference we went for dinner at Blackbird and dessert at Birchwood (coconut cream pie is TDF.)

And then to end- tonight’s date, and this post- a little BonI:

(Listen…it’s like an exhale for your ears.)