I feel like I just did one of these. The 18 month post was late; today he’s 19 months. So here we be. At 19 months, Sam…

…loves to dance.

…loves to slide and swing. Calls them both “weeeeee!”

…loves it when someone does fish lips, loves beeping noses, and touching eyes.

…has a cute squealy screech of excitement when he sees something he loves. He was doing it today while looking through the Target toy catalog, and while coloring a picture of Ernie. With the toy catalog, he’d see something interesting, say “whassat??” and then squeal. For the coloring, he’d make a little scribble, squeal, and then look to me for affirmation of his artistic abilities.

…in the last few days has become obsessed with car and truck books. You know, the kind with the real photographs? He’s now saying words like loader and dump truck and firetruck and airplane. At least, I know that’s what he’s saying;)

…really has been loving playing with cars and choo-choos.

…is mimicking Ryan all the time. If Ryan gets whiny and yells MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY, then Sam does too. If Ryan gets water in his face in the bath when I wash his hair and yells TOWELTOWELTOWEL, then Sam does the same when it’s his turn for a hair washing. If Ryan pokes me with his fake doctor kit syringe and yells SHOTSHOTSHOT, then Sam picks up a purple crayon, jabs me with it, and yells SHOTSHOTSHOT.

…has been waking up more than once a night, crying or calling for mommy or daddy or papis. Also wakes at the crack of dawn everyday (much more the crack of dawn now that DST changed).

…loves running around naked.

…says up when he means down. Says no a lot, even though he means yes.

…comes down the stairs sitting on his bottom, plopping with a thud onto each step.

…runs like the wind. Seriously, he’s really fast.

…loves snacks. Loves drinking water. Loves finding a way to get his water bottle to drip all over the floor. Squirted a bottle of lotion all over the floor behind his crib the other day.

…had his first trick or treating experience, and loved it. Grabbed for candy out of the bowl and made very careful selections at each house (including an orange!). Said ‘tay-too’ approximately 12 times at each house.

And is basically the cutest thing around. We like to say he’s the cutest thing since sliced bread.

(Sam, one year ago.)