I’ve been attending a Spanish conversation class this fall. It meets every Monday night, and what’s nice about it is that we discuss normal stuff- daily life, what we did over the weekend, what happened during the past week, etc. We’re often assigned homework like watch a Spanish movie, and then come back and discuss it! This is my kind of conversation class- not like the Spanish courses in college where we’d discuss the wars between the Visigoths and the Moors, and analyze Lorca poetry. (Don’t get me wrong, I loved analyzing Lorca poetry at the time. But these days all my stunted second language brain cells can handle is some pretty innocuous chit-chat.)

Last night I was at the class, and one guy (a retiree) was regaling us with stories about his travels and all the hobbies he participates in. Another guy went into detail about his frequent work trips to Argentina, and an opportunity he has next year to move to Argentina for two years. Then the conversation turned to me. I just sort of sat there, coming up completely blank as far as what I should talk about. It took me a moment, and then I blurted out (in Spanish, at least) I bought a new dishwasher!

And the crowd went wild.

Luckily the teacher of the class is really great at eliciting more information about a certain topic, so I got to expand upon my reasons for needing a new dishwasher and where I shopped for one.

And then tonight for fun, I’ve been exploring entryway storage options for all the hat and mitten detritus that comes with the winter months. AND I’ve been working on some vacation planning, which will involve a one night stay in luxury accommodations with one of my kids in St. Cloud, MN.

I KNOW. Batten down the hatches; it’s pretty exciting around here, no doubt about it.

I heart my new dishwasher.