Aside from the obvious- DVD PLAYER- what kinds of activities or strategies do you use to keep your kids calm and quiet on longer car trips? I feel like we’ve employed every possibility, and we STILL end up dealing with a screechy, whiny, restless kid who emits those dreaded ARE WE THERE YET words no less than 12,392 times on each and every car trip that lasts longer than 20 minutes. He rarely naps in the car, and the incessant screeching and whining is enough to drive any sane person to the brink of tragedy, and any person driving the car a danger to him/herself and others. Not to mention, the loud screechy kid emissions do not do much for toddler brother’s lovely car naps. With the holidays coming up, and 3-hour ish drives the norm for us, I need to figure this out!

Here is the gamut of things we have tried to keep our spirited, intensified Ryan entertained in the car:

-small toys (ideally that he hasn’t seen in awhile)
-doodle pad
-his fave children’s CDs (this is another thing proven to drive anyone to the brink of insanity)
-word games (i-spy, etc.)
-games on the iphone or looking at pics on the iphone

I get that many of you will probably say buy a DVD player (or, a WHOLE NEW MINIVAN fully equipped with its own DVD player!). But, a DVD player is too obvious. I’m looking for other things, more creative things. I’m looking for the perfect cure to Annoying Child Road Trip Behavior!

What say you?