It seems like 11.11.11 is the perfect date to reflect upon the year’s goals I set for myself back in January. And to set a few new ones at this point, if I may.

Let’s review.

Goal 1: Take a yoga class.

I did this!! I signed up for Gentle Yoga through community ed last winter. It was an 8 week class or something. I think I blogged about it once…it was a class for the elderly and I fell asleep in there one time. After that, I did a one week trial at a yoga place, and then it must have gotten to be spring and and I was outside more and didn’t yearn for yoga as much.

Goal 2: Write a letter to the host family I lived with in Spain.

I have not done this. It seems very daunting. However, this goal had a subpoint:

  • (Subpoint: Do something that involves revitalizing my Spanish skills. Be it a class, informal chat group, watching Univision…I do not know.)

I’ve been attending a weekly Spanish conversation class since the beginning of September. Love it! Plan to continue with that for awhile.

Goal 3: Be in more photos with my kids.

I don’t really know how well I’ve done on this. Nothing sticks out in my mind as a great picture I have with me and the kids in it. Maybe I’ve turned the camera on myself a little more when I’m using the point and shoot. I hope to keep working on this one, using the self timer feature, and now having an iphone, maybe this one will get easier.

Goal 4: Blog more.

I’ve probably achieved this…maybe. I’m not going to take the time to tally up how many posts I did in a month or anything. Just the fact I’m blogging everyday this month counts for something, doesn’t it?

Goal 5: Spend a minimum of one night away from my children with only my husband.

Hurrah, this was accomplished! Eleventh anniversary weekend in Duluth.

And now, a few new ones…

Goals for the rest of November: 1. Select an updated theme for my blog.
2. Write a post that has nothing to do with my kids.

Goals in general: 1. Start yoga again.
2. Write a letter to my Spanish family. (The holidays would be the perfect time!)

3. Take a vacation. A real one. In an airplane. To somewhere with a color palette of white (sand) and turquoise (water). {{A girl can dream.}}