It has been a long time since I’ve updated on this guy. He’s the big four and a half now, and is already excited for when he’s five. He also could NOT understand why people don’t celebrate half birthdays! Our Ry Guy… forever the spirited, bright, intense child of ours. Perhaps it’s the half-year disequilibrium theory, or perhaps the honeymoon’s over in adjusting to the new school year, but this dude has been rather out of sorts the last month or so.

At four and a half, Ryan…

…is into playing with cars and trains. Is really interested in trains lately, specifically Thomas. We got a used GeoTrax set that he loves. He also loves getting creative with his wooden train set.

…is obsessed with the number one million.

…asks lots of questions about death. Around Halloween was very interested in ghosts and monsters.

…asks many deep thoughts questions: where were people before they were born? do the days just keep going on forever? how many days are there? are there more days even if you die?

…loves watching Thomas the Train DVDs.

…loves going on hikes and “exploring” walks.

…likes school, but frequently says he doesn’t want to go because he’d rather stay home with mommy.

…is absolutely obsessed with mommy. Thinks that mommy is the only person who is able/knows how to do things for him.

…says that baseball is his favorite sport. Says that his favorite thing to do with Daddy is play baseball.

…loves riding his bike. Likes to play outside, roughhouse with boys, and chase around during preschool recess.

…loves listening to music and having dance parties with Sam.

…is still attached to his Bluey the blankie (seems this has gotten more intense as Sam’s love of his own Bluey the blankie has developed.)

…is a backseat driver. Will get mad if he sees the light is green but our car isn’t moving yet.

…wants to eat snacks ALL THE TIME. Oh, and fruit, or vegetables are NOT SNACKS.

…has no interest in practicing writing his name or in doing anything “academic” at home. Has a very short attention span for art projects or coloring.

…is constantly in motion and making noise. Running, jumping, flailing his body, singing, shouting, wailing, chatting. He’s rarely quiet, and rarely still.

…has declared that he DOES NOT want anything pink OR anything for GIRLS for Christmas. (Sad! He used to say pink was his favorite color!)

…LOVES cheese. And candy (he’s been eating one candy per day since Halloween). Likes hamburgers and hotdogs (with ketchup, mustard, and spicy mustard?!), loves pepperoni pizza, and says that strawberry is his favorite flavor of ice cream. Claims to hate soup and anything “spicy.” Claims to also hate onions, potatoes, olives, zucchini. Loves french fries.

…is taking swimming lessons again! And refusing to go underwater.

He keeps growing like a weed. Can’t believe what a big kid we seem to have (yet at other times, is such a little kid!)

(this would be a salad drowned in dressing)