We had a delicious Thanksgiving feast today. For some reason, this year’s meal seemed EXTRA tasty. The turkey was superb, as were the pies made by Pat. (He and I both think this was his best ever year of pie baking.) The two four-year-olds stayed at the table much longer than they did last year, and ate more than last year, too. Both my kids liked cranberries (?!), and both of them needed a nap, but only one took one. I fell asleep on the couch post-turkey, and later made it out on a two mile walk with Pat in the nice mild weather.

The kiddos played outside- bikes, sandbox, football, baseball- which explains the kind of weather we had today- awesome!! The boys played with army men and GI Joes from the 80s, and got a game of bingo going as well. And Vivi, my niece who gives me the stink eye every time I see her, let me pick her up!

Max waiting for Ryan to let him use the camera

This next one is Ryan taking a picture of me taking a picture of Grandma and Sam…it was supposed to be both grandparents with all the grandkids, but as you can see there was only one cooperator.

Love this one!