I’m always 1-2 years behind on my movie viewing. Tonight I watched The King’s Speech.

We did a two-car family caravan to Menards this morning (at 10am). You know, McNards? Save Big Mommies at Menards? That one. Here’s what we (Pat, I, my parents) bought at Menards on Black Friday: two outdoor dryer vents, a pack of batteries, 1% and whole milk, a decorative holiday popcorn tin, a 6-pack of salted nut rolls, two tabletop games, and a 10-pack of hand warmers. Sam popped no less than two balloons, wouldn’t stop looking for a loader, and wanted to GOK! the whole time. Ryan had no less than 17 meltdowns and was extra-impressed with the 3 story tall inflatable Santa.

I let my toddler baby go in the hot tub. Is that bad? He LOVES it. Loves.