Ryan has declared that both golden raisins and pumpkin ice cream look like ear wax.

The number one thing he was excited about for Thanksgiving was the pumpkin pie. This year’s pie was Pat’s best ever (in my humble opinion), and upon trying it Ryan says “I don’t really like pumpkin pie anymore.”

Both of my kids ate and loved cranberries this year.

Neither touched turkey, but Ryan devoured ham. (Yes, ham is also served at our Tgiving table.)

Sam starts hyperventilating and shouting “peesaaass” when he sees pizza. But he won’t eat a bite of it.

I’ve started enforcing a glass of milk at breakfast for Ryan. I call it Super Powered Protein Drink. If he drinks all that, then he can have some juice. But he rarely remembers to ask for the juice after the milk.

There were ten of us who dined at a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night. I’m quite certain the whole restaurant heard Ryan screaming about the state of his taco, which going forward will be referred to as the Terrible Taco Incident of 2011.