I know I’ve already blown the post-a-day, but I’m going to try and pull off posting the last two days of November.

Today I…

Volunteered in Ryan’s classroom. Got to read a story to a small group of kids, then another story to the whole class. Then, per Ryan’s request, I went outside and played with everyone. Result of this experience: I could never be a teacher to 3/4 year olds!! Holy patience required, Batman!

Cleared a super annoying (and tall) pile of crap off of our buffet. The pile included a photo album, a baby book, random Spanish class materials, snapshots people had given me, prints I wanted to square away, random envelopes… Whew. Feels good to have that out of there.

Colored with my boys. Popped popcorn for snack. Folded laundry with Ryan’s help. Cleaned up a ton of playdoh bits. Threw together an odd assortment of vegetables and curry for dinner. Played hide and seek outside. Made my bed (yay!). Swept up a canister of spilled flour.